Policies and Procedures

Picture of Decorations of Media Center : Look like the cover of Cat int the Hat.

In order to check out books from the Waterford Media Center, Wildcat Readers acknowledge and understand:

* Kindergarten and 1st grade students check out 1 book for 2 weeks, while 2nd through 5th grade students check out 2 books for 2 weeks. 

*Wildcats have a designated safe place for their library books.

*If a book is accidentally damaged, Wildcats will not try to repair it themselves but will return it to the Media Center so it can properly be repaired. If we cannot repair the damage using our professional book repair materials and techniques, Wildcat parents and students will be responsible for the cost of replacing the damaged book.

*Wildcat parents and students understand they are responsible to pay any fines for lost books.  These fines can be paid on School Pay.  Refunds will not be issued after 30 days.

*Wildcats know that they can get a free Orange County Public Library card for access to even more books! Cardholders have free access to online databases for research, book check out, e-books, and more! You can also request books from the public library, by phone, or online and the library will deliver them to your home for free. They even have a drive through book drop-off. Visit the OCPL website at or contact our Media Specialist Mrs. Flynn for more information.

*Wildcats will read every day!