Physical Education

PE teaches students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to participate in health enhancing physical activity through their lives. In PE the students learn loco motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, skipping) and manipulative skills (throwing, catching, kicking, striking). We also focus on the four components of physical fitness (flexibility, cardio respiratory, muscle strength, and muscle endurance).


Students develop basic computer technology skills, knowledge, and competencies that will enhance opportunities for learning in all areas of the classroom curriculum. Time spent in the computer lab is led by classroom teachers with additional support by a paraprofessional. It can be used as enrichment time and individualized to meet student needs. Stride Academy is incorporated into this time.


The Waterford Media Center has the perfect book for your reader! We have wonderful titles in picture books, chapter books, non-fiction, poetry, biographies, and more. Students will visit the Media Center weekly to check out books and learn library skills to enhance their learning experience. They can research with technology in our new computer lab. Students may also take Reading Counts quizzes to check their reading comprehension and earn prizes for their scores! We also offer fun and interactive book clubs, which also includes the chance to participate in the OCPS’s Battle of the Books! They can create and invent in our Maker’s Space to activate their thinking in STEM inspired activities. Students also run our state of the art News Studio to broadcast the WCAT news every morning. Our Media Center is more than a library, it’s a Learning Center!

Waterford Wildcats Read!


Theatre/Drama/R.E.A.D. students will explore their expanding world through the use of imagination and creative dramatics in a non-threatening setting. Students gain confidence and proficiency as they learn the history of theater, movies, television, historical figures and understand how those influences have impacted today’s society, occupations and the performing arts industry. They will be exposed to children’s literature, scripts, poetry that will support all academic areas. Students will read scripts, role-play, re-tell, sequence, analyze, compare/contrast, and collaborate with peers. As students play, move, and create together, they develop the foundation for important skills such as teamwork, acceptance, respect, critical thinking, and responsibility that will help students be successful in the 21st century.

This class may include opportunities to participate in extra rehearsals and performances beyond the school day that help to connect home, school and our community. Drama will support all of Waterford’s Special Areas and school wide functions.