End of School Year Info

Starting June 1, the OCPS Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) department will initiate its summer nutrition program. FNS will continue to serve breakfast and lunch by using the Grab and Go approach at specific schools. The meals will be distributed from Monday through Thursday, between 9 AM to 12 Noon. On Thursday, students will also receive their meals for Friday. The latest listing of schools can be found at the Grab and Go Webpage of the

District Web Site.
OCPS School Grab & Go Locations

Meals will also be distributed through community partners. These partners will allow for any child aged 18 and under to pick up meals. The listing of sites can be found on the OCPS FNS Webpage. These community partners' may have different serving schedules, serving approaches, and may operate on Fridays.

Orange County Community Partners Sites: documentation, and distribute the meals throughout the summer.

We are expecting a higher than the usual number of meals to be distributed this summer.

We are predicting over three million compared to the previous years' average of 500,000. Some selected school kitchens, at sites not operating a Grab & Go program, will be opened for meal preparation. These kitchens will allow staff to maintain social distancing while preparing meals to the distributed to other sites.